Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Few Memories of Spring

Even though it is technically still Spring, here in the South it is feeling more like summer is already here.  We have been reaching into the 90's most days, except for a few days when scattered thunderstorms have cooled things off for a little while.

But here are a few pictures of my small clothes line my sweet husband assembled for me.  
This is my laundry bag I purchased a few years ago at Target.  I love it's Shabby Chic style and love to hang it on my closet door to catch my clothes.  That is when they don't actually wind up on the floor.  I know; I am horribly messy when it comes to putting laundry away.  We will not talk about the laundry that winds up on the kitchen table.  At least it is usually folded.
 Hanging clothes.  Yes, those are my two favorite pair of pajama pants. The green and white paisley ones have a ruffle on the bottom of the legs.  My husband calls them my 70's bell bottom pajamas.

Don't you just love these purple flowers?  A sweet Easter gift from my husband (see just how sweet he is!).
They are right outside my back door and the other day I could not resist picking a few when I remembered this old sugar bowl I had and knew they would look perfect nestled inside.

Thanks for visiting.  My new job has had me busy, but hopefully I can find time again soon to post and hopefully to also visit you, my sweet friends!