Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cake Bunting

I think cake bunting is just the most adorable idea and after seeing so many cute ideas of Pinterest, I decided to try it myself.  This is a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting cake I made to take to Cathy, a dear friend's house for a ladies' get-together.  I just used scrapbook paper and cut out the little pendants and glued them to a waxed string and tied the string to bamboo skewers.  This is definitely something I will be making again in the future.  What a sweet way to add something to an otherwise ordinary decorated cake. 

We had such gorgeous light from the sunshine streaming into her dining area that the picture is a little hazy, but look what a beautiful scene of her table and dining area of her gorgeous house.


  1. Hi Robin
    What a blessing to have you stop by! I love your sweet blog. I added you as well and followed too. I look forward to you sharing ideas and projects with us. Most of all thank you for your prayers they mean the world to us.

    Warm regards
    Kate @ Salvage Dior

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging! Found you today through Salvage Dior. Love the cake bunting and the cake sounds delicious! Will be following to see your adventures!!

  3. That definitely adds a cute touch to the cake. I've never made that before.

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