Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Happies

Don't you just love a day when a few little happies come your way?
Some you make for yourself....
 Crackers and garlic & herb cheese.
 A little extra fresh lemon and lime added to my citrus soda.

And some come unexpectantly.....
Just look what I found in my mailbox early this afternoon!
 Don't you just love when you receive an envelope from a company and your name and address is HAND WRITTEN?  Something about that makes me feel so special.
 Samples of linen that I requested just a few days ago from Rough Linen and the request had actually slipped my mind.

Don't those colors and textures just make you swoon?!  Sigh....

Make you sure you go to the Rough Linen site and watch the videos and also go to Tricia's blog -
 Cabin on the Water.  Tricia is also on Facebook and Pinterest!  And you can also request your own fabric samples and receive a happy for yourself!


  1. Thank you Robin - I'm so glad you like them (I hand write the envelope because I love using my fountain pen, it slows me down enough to be legible!)

  2. Hi Robin and welcome to blogging! Here via Tricia's blog and also recognize your header as one of Karen's great graphics.
    xo Cathy
    ...and your newest follower!

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