Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012

Even though I am running a little late, I wanted to share some Easter decorations around our cottage.  I loved the natural feel that I was able to accomplish this year.

These are some eggs I made.  The were all made from plastic eggs.  The moss ones were made by putting hot glue on the eggs and applying spanish moss that I purchased.  The eggs covered in book pages were decoupaged from old books that I purchased from the book sale table at our local library.

A carrot cake cupcake.  No, I am afraid it is not home-made.  During Easter I was only 4 weeks into recovery from a major surgery and Easter was a little laid back this year.  I was able to put together a nice family dinner for us with my husband's help.  We had the traditional ham with delicious sides.  I was just not able to do the baking that I always love to do.  However, everything was wonderful.

 And oh, these eggs came from our 4 hens!  I blew them out and arranged them in this glass vase with a couple of white feathers.


  1. I am so happy! I love your sweet blog and all the inspiration (and don't even get me started on your header and that follow button)!

    Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see more!


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